Somaliland Pro-Democratic Movements P E T I T I O N


From: Somaliland pro-democratic movements, human rights and civil society groups together with National Human Rights Commission


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On the Occasion of Somaliland’s 22nd Anniversary of Independence. We, the undersigned, the pro-democratic movement in Somaliland, comprising state and non-state actors, including Somaliland human rights Commission, professional groups, university students, human rights and civil society organizations, victims and survivors of human rights violations perpetrated by dictator military government of Siad Barre operating under several non-governmental national level umbrellas and networks wish to express our concerns towards our county’s 22 years international diplomatic isolations and its impact of our people’s basic human rights and fundamental freedoms. Once again we would like to remind the world respective leaders the contributions and opportunities that our countries have to the world.

Historical background

When Somaliland gained it’s independence from her Majesty Government of Great Britain on the 26 June, 1960. It has immediately received recognition from 34 Countries, that itself in a historical context is an enough official testimony of the existence of country, which had independent sovereignty but joined Somalia to expand the pan Somali dream.

The union between Somaliland British Protectorate and Italian Somalia was never ratified by their respective Parliaments, and their 31 year-old union remained an informal partnership with no legal binding. Consequently, the initially hopeful union of the two young countries ended in disaster and culminated in a brutal ten-year civil war between Somalia and Somaliland until they separated in 1991.

During the civil war, brutal acts of genocide and war crimes were perpetrated against the people of Somaliland. Government airplanes indiscriminately bombed our major cities while tanks and other heavy military artillery pounded civilian dwellings, flattening schools, hospitals, mosques, and 90% of our cities. Tens of thousands of our people were massacred, and over a million driven from their homes sought refuge in refugee camps in neighboring countries.

The Petition:

Our Government of the Republic of Somaliland has made every effort to create an atmosphere in which a different clan society including the minority communities can develop and prospers. Somaliland serves, and will continue to serve, as an ideal developmental and democratic model in Africa and of course in the Muslim world. The country has worked to resolve the heavy challenges of establishing functioning grass root democratic institutions despite the many socio-economic problems it has faced since its statehood reclamation in 1991.

Our country’s school enrolment at primary school level is more than 90 % while the country has one of the best health cliniques in East Africa region. More than 60 % of the urban population gets clean piped water. Other institutions include civil service, customs, telecommunications, banks and full functioned security system. Somaliland has its own currency and passports. But on the other hand we are aware many challenge are ahead of Somaliland, the most pressing challenges including lack of international diplomatic relation, and unable to link with world economic actors include the World Bank and IMF. Other serious crises include the violent and extremist ways of terrorist group of Al Shabaab are still appeal to many young Somalilanders, owing the alarming unemployment rate among country’s youth.

The Somaliland government has paid a huge effort to counter the spread of un-Islamic, antidemocratic ideologies spread by pro-Islamic fundamentalist groups among our young generation and women, and to address this our government has developed a heavy budgeted free compulsory primary education program throughout the country.

Somaliland has independent external security and commerce relations with other states including the neighboring countries including Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Yamen. It has agreements of cooperation with some of the EU and the AU (African Union) countries, with UN agencies and international NGOs which have strong presences in Hargeisa, the Capital. It has business agreements and investment contracts with foreign companies including Coca Cola and numerous Gas and Petroleum Exploration Companies. It has representations in a number of foreign countries to liaise with other governments and organizations.

It is in the best interest of Africa and the world to do everything possible so as to insure security, peace, vigorous economic growth, and continued progress toward democratization of Somaliland, with the goal of ensuring a more stable horn of African region. We urge the United Nation, the African Union and most important the IGAD to provide full assistance to Somaliland in its stabilization efforts towards becoming a Member State of.

In cooperating with UK, US and its military arm of Africa AFRICOM, Somaliland played a key role in preventing the spread of the Somalia crisis. We call our Somaliland government to partake AMISOM Peace Keeping program in Somalia both a financial and/or manpower means. We support our government’s on-going efforts for Somaliland admission into the regional level organization including IGAD and AU as an observatory member state.

When a country has not recognized its independence is isolated and marginalized in the world. In the end who suffers is the population not having their basic human rights recognized by the international community.

An internationally recognized the republic of Somaliland furthers the stability of the horn of African region and the world as well; specifically, the fighting against global terrorism, global illegal narcotics smuggling, and global illegal smuggling of women who fall victims to international prostitution rings.


To this end, the Somaliland pro-democratic movements, human rights and civil society groups would like to make it known to the International Community that we will no longer tolerate to deal Somaliland as a part of war torn country of Somalia. Somaliland have its own country identity, national flag, national symbols, and national anthem as well, together with African Union recognized colonial territorial borders.

We would like to highlight to UN, AU, IGAD, EU and all their member states that during the Somalia transition process, the Somaliland government provided support as an interested neighbor, not as an internal actor. Somaliland were not a signatory to either the Somalia End of Transition Roadmap nor the subsequent Garowe I and II principles documents that ratified Somalia’s provisional constitution and established the selection processes for its current government.

Somaliland pro-democratic and civil society groups are joining the leaders of world fifty-four countries and partners of Somalia who participated the Somalia Conference took place at Lancaster House on 7 May 2013, co-hosted by the UK and Somalia, for their welcomes the dialogue between the Federal Government and Somaliland Government at Ankara in April 2013 to clarify their future relationship, building on the meeting at Chevening in June 2012, and welcomed the Ankara communiqué. We expressed our appreciation for the facilitating role played by Turkey.

Somaliland pro-democratic movements are healthfully welcomes the construction of Africa’s largest hydro-electric dam in Ethiopian. We strongly believe that the “Grand Renaissance Dam” would contribute effectively the struggle eradication of poverty and hunger not only in Ethiopia or horn of African region but overall African continent. Somaliland citizens are proud their government’s financial contribution it has made the construction of Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam.

We urge the International Community to continue its support the ongoing dialogue between the Somaliland and Somalia Federal Gove

We urge the United States and other major industrialized nations of the world, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other political and economic groups to provide economic assistance to Somaliland, thereby helping the country deal with the current internal and external imbalance.

Furthermore, we demand from the government of Somaliland to provide access to capital resources for investment in Somaliland, as well to establish reforms and incentives that would increase trade and investment by supporting private companies, business experts, and economic development specialists.

We welcome the involvement of the UN and its member states in facilitating and creating a favorable environment for the discussions between Somaliland Government and the Somali Federal Government.

Last but not the least, We condemn the UN decision of handing over the Somaliland’s airspace control to the Mogadishu government and any other steps that may take the UN and its proxies organization which can undermine our county’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and our fundamental self determination rights.



1. University of Hargeisa

2. Amoud University

3. Berbera Marine University

4. University of Burao

5. University of Erigavo



7. Agriculture Development Organization (ADO)

8. Alkownin Women Voluntary Organization (ALKOWNIN)

9. Agriculture Rehabilitation and Women in Development (ARWO)

10. Association for the Somaliland Women’s Advancement (ASWA)

11. Aw Barkhadle Women Development Organization (AWDO)

12. Ayaan Women’s Development Association (AYAAN)

13. Barwaaqo Lakulan Women Association (BAKWA)

14. Barwaqo Voluntary Organization (BVO)

15. Candlelight for Health and Education (CLHE)

16. Committee for Concerned Somalis (CCS)

17. Dareen Rural Relief & Development (DAREEN)

18. Dulmar for Women’s Development Advocacy and Peace (DULMAR)

19. Female-Headed Households Association (FEDHA)

20. Hanad Women’s Welfare Association (HWWA)

21. Hargeisa Voluntary Youth Committee (HAVAYOCO)

22. Hargeisa Women’s Group (HAWO-GROUP)

23. Hargeisa Women on Focus Organization (HAWFO)

24. Mother Land Rescue Group (MRG)

25. Lama-Huraan Women’s Association (LMWA)

26. Somaliland Women’s organization (SOLWO)

27. Somaliland War Widow Organization (SWWO)

28. Somaliland Women’s Development Association (SOWDA)

29. Somaliland Women’s Research and Action Group (SOWRAG)

30. Somaliland for Progress, Advocacy and Peace (SOWPO)

31. Somaliland Young Women’s Association (SOYWA)

32. Tawakal Women & Children’s Organization (TAWAKAL)

33. Voluntary National Youth Organization (VONYO)

34. Women’s Action for Advocacy and Development Association (WADA)

35. Women’s Rehabilitation and Development Association (WORDA)

36. Women Inter-Action Group (WIAG)

37. Women’s Action Advocacy and Progress Organization (WAAPO)


38. Somaliland Handicap Association SHA

39. Comprehensive CBR in Somaliland CCBRS

40. Nasa-Hablod Handicap AssociationNAHA

41. Hargeisa Youth Development Association HADYA

42. Hargeisa Deaf SchoolHDS

43. Activist Network for Disabled Persons ANDP

44. Orthohope Rehabilitation Center ORC

45. Disability Action Network DAN

46. Hargeisa School For Special Needs HSSN

47. Disabled Women Organization and childrenHAN

48. Horn Afrique Youth Voluntary Committee HAVOYOCO

49. Disabled Children Association DCA

50. Hargeisa Handicap Association HHA

51. Tawakal Women’s Association TWO

52. Albustan Handicap AssociationAHA

53. Hargeisa Handicap Women HHW

54. Somaliland Blind Society HABS

55. Youth Development Disability Organization YODDO

56. Somaliland Red Crescent Society SRCS

57. Borama Deaf and Blind School BD&BS

58. Sahil Handicap Organization SHO

59. Tawakal Lifeline OrganizationTLO

60. Erigavo Handicap Organization EHO

61. Las-anod Handicap Association LHA


62. Somaliland Catholic Church


63. Candlelight


65. Alkownin

66. WAIG


68. BVO



71. USWO


73. HAN

74. AYAN







79. Nofen

80. Muruq iyo Maskax

81. Sungo

82. Maan

83. Somran

84. Kulmis

85. SNDF

86. Sahan

87. Nafis Network

88. Vonyo

89. Unita umbrella

90. Sonyo

91. CPN

92. Nagaad

93. Awdal CPN


94. Horn Peace


95. Jubba Airways

96. Light Industry

97. WIN

98. Daallo Airline

99. Nawbo

100. BDS

101. Hospitality Industry

102. WIT

103. NRD-EWB

104. Dahabshiil

105. Telesom


106. Arecsmed

107. University of Buroa

108. Sanaag University

109. SLNMA

110. SMA

111. Media Group

112. UOH

113. WIJA

114. Fopag

115. Solla

116. Berbera University

117. ULPA

118. Nugaal University


119. Wanaag Farista


120. Horn of Africa Human Rights Watch Committee (HORNWATCH)

121. Activists of Disable People Network (ANDP)

122. Disable Children Association (DCA)

123. Somaliland Youth Voluntary Organisation (SOYVO

124. Barako Women Organisation (BARAKO)

125. Unita Togdheer Women Umbrella

126. Togdheer Youth Vouluntary Org. (TOGOYOVO)

127. Naaso-Hablood Handicap Association( NAHA )

128. Daami Youth Development Organsation (DAYDO)

129. Welfare Tumaal Organisation (WAAB )

130. Tumaal Development Foundation (TDF)

131. Women Minority Organization (ISIR)

132. Somaliland Culture and Sport Association (SOCSA)

133. Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA)

134. Community concern Somalis (CCS)

135. Saaxil Handicap Organisation (SHO)

136. Voluntry Youth Organization (VAYS)


137. Aids Control and Awareness Raising Organization – (ACARO)

138. Amoud University Student Union –

139. All-Somaliland Society Awareness League – (Assal)

140. Community Rehabilitation Association (CRA)

141. Dallo Youth Development Organization – DAYDO

142. Disability Children Association – DCA

143. Youth Development Association – HYDA

144. Horseed Youth Association – Horseed

145. Laas-anod Youth Voluntary Organization – LAYVO

146. Moonlight girls Association – Moonlight

147. SAYS Youth Association – SAYS

148. Somaliland Association for Youth Salvation – SCYVO

149. Somaliland Culture and Sport Association – SOCSA

150. Somaliland Progress Youth Association – SOPYA

151. Somaliland Youth Development Association – SOYDA

152. Somaliland Youth Salvation and Training Organization – SYSTO

153. Somaliland Youth Society – SYS

154. Somaliland Youth Society – SYS Burao

155. Somaliland Youth Voluntary Association – SOYVO

156. Teacher Training College Student – TTCSC

157. University of Student Union

158. UoH-Student Union

159. Vitinary Agre-culture Development Committee- VADCO

160. Voluntary Of National Youth Organization – VONYO

161. Youth Coalition Development – YCD

162. Youth Volunteers of Development and Environmental Care

163. Organization – YOVENCO

164. Somaliland Education Development Organziation – SEDO

165. Youth Edcuation Saftey Development Organizaiton – YESDO

166. UBAH Social Development Youth Organization – USWO

167. Somaliland Environment Youth Organization – SEYO


168. Somaliland Handicap Association SHA

169. Comprehensive CBR in Somaliland CCBRS

170. Nasa-Hablod Handicap AssociationNAHA

171. Youth Development Association HADYA

172. Deaf SchoolHDS

173. Activist Network for Disabled Persons ANDP

174. Orthohope Rehabilitation Center ORC

175. Disability Action Network DAN

176. School For Special Needs HSSN

177. Disabled Women Organization and childrenHAN

178. Horn Afrique Youth Voluntary Committee HAVOYOCO

179. Disabled Children Association DCA

180. Handicap Association HHA

181. Tawakal Women’s Association TWO

182. Albustan Handicap AssociationAHA

183. Handicap Women HHW

184. Somaliland Blind SocietyHABS

185. Youth Development Disability Organization YODDO

186. Somaliland Red Crescent Society SRCS

187. Negaad Women Umbrella Negaad

188. Somaliland Youth Umbrella SONYO

189. Borama Deaf and Blind School BD&BS

190. Sahil Handicap Organization SHO 24Tawakal Lifeline OrganizationTLO

191. Erigavo Handicap Organization EHO

192. Las-anod Handicap Association LHA