Somaliland: Prison Terms for Human Traffickers


By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

Somalilandsun- The Hargeisa regional court has found three Somaliland citizens guilty of human traffickers and sentenced them to prison.

According to magistrate Abdirashid Mohamed Hirsi “Beer geele” the three were found guilty of trafficking illegal immigrants form Ethiopia after they were caught red handed transporting their illegal cargo within Somaliland and in the direction of Bosaso the notorious human trafficking port of Puntland,  a Somalia administrative region to the east of Somaliland.

Accordingly Abdilahi Abdi and Dahir Januus who were proved to be owners of the two vehicles trafficking a total of 47 illegal immigrants from Ethiopia were sentenced to a term of one year and a fine of slshs 3000000 ($400) each.

The drivers of the two cars said to be NOAH type namely  Khadar Mahdi (plate #66608) and Adnan Mohamed Jama (plate#50508) were both sentenced to six moons imprisonment and and a fine of slshs 1000000 ($135) respectively.

This sentencing comes after a public outcry over continued deaths related to illegal immigration that seem to have touched almost every homestead in Somaliland.