Somaliland: Bizzare Alcohol Smuggling Saga Concludes


Tanker owned by DG at the Somaliland ministry of religious affairs caught smuggling alcohol

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somaliland sun- An alcohol smuggling cars at the Berberalaw courts has seriously tarnished the image and credibility of the Somaliland ministry of religious affairs.

The saga in which a truck belonging to the director General at the ministry of religious affairs was nabbed Laden with a large quantity of  anassortment of smuggled alcohol, abanned substance in the country which is 99% Islamic.

At the Berbera law courts a driver of the whisky Laden water tankerwas sentenced to four years imprisonment and a fine of slshs 4000000 ($533)  for possession of 47 barrels of whisky.

The water tanker owner currently the director General at the ministry of religious affairs Sheikh Suleiman was ordered to pay the court 5% of the tankers price, literally translated as negating any depreciation.

Since the start of the case Somalilanders have been of the opinion that this must have Ben a great mistake considering the position of the tanker’s owner in which he is charge with upholding Islamic morals but while the case is Bizzare the irony is the vehicle owner remains unashamedly in office and more so without any statement by his employer, the government of Somaliland 

So unless the DG resign’s s next time any of us feels like getting drunk why not visit the concerned office for sufficient and legal libation for you will get  inebriated devoid of  arrest fears.