Somaliland: Presidential Dinner for Opposition Parties’ Leaders


President Silanyo(R) at the meeting with some opposition politiciansBy: M.A Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – In a gesture of brotherhood, goodwill and national cohesion, the President of the Republic H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud held a state dinner in the honour of the leaders of the four political parties who failed to reach the last official three.

The leaders of both Dalsan and Rays had good words to the members of the public after they had dinner with the Head of State.

Mr. Ismael Aden Osman who has been a former Interior Minister thanked the President for according them the honour.

He said that it was imperative for all political leaders to be united as far as the country’s aspirations are concerned.

He noted that the same man who was now heading the state was the one who prioritized nationhood hence accepted defeat despite an 80 vote deficit in the past Presidential race.

He felt that it was an honourable move for the President to accord them the esteem stature in a note of conciliatory and brotherhood humility.

Mr. Hassan Mohammed Gafade of Rays said that inspite of having reservations and misgivings he was obliged to respect the “status quo once the courts decided”.

While conducting the Press Conference for the duo last night, Presidential Spokesman Mr. Ahmed Suleiman Duhul said that the President felt obliged to invite the politicians for brotherly and humility acknowledgement.

He added that there had to be winners and losers in any contest.

The special dinner comes a day after the Head of State treated the leaders of the three official political parties to a similar one in the same gesture.

It is understood that the leader of Haqsoor is abroad in the meantime but it was not clear why either his representatives and Umada’s leaders were not present despite being invited.