Somaliland: Presidential Boots in Hargeisa Too Big for the SFG-Sultan Bayle


President Silanyo of somaliland on a meet the people tour in Hargeisa and his Somalia counterpart heavily guarded by AMISOM at a function in Mogadishu

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Placing the presidents of Somalia and Somaliland is an absurdity based on facts and realities on the ground.
This is according to the chairman of the Somalia Traditional leaders council Sultan Abdiaziz Omar Daar ‘Sultan Bayle’ during an address to participants at a function commemorating Somaliland’s 54th Independence anniversary from Britain held at the Hargeisa presidency where the Sultan is leading a high powered delegation from Somalia.
“While the president of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo mingles and moves freely on foot among the citizenry with whom he performs prayers in mosques anywhere in the country without any security deterrence’s, his Somalia counterpart Hasan Sheikh Mahmud moves around Mogadishu in an armoured car while under guard of hundreds of foreign troops” said Sultan Bayle
Sultan Bayle addressing 26th June festivity particpants at the Hargeisda presidency where he said the Recognition of somaliland was inevitableThe traditional leader who is based in Baidoa town from where the South West Somalia administrative region is headquartered and also doubles as the main Darood clan leader told the SFG and IC to desist from turning a blind eye and deaf ear to achievements garnered singlehandedly by somalilanders and recognize their country’s sovereignty.
The Sultan who added that the time has come for all concerted to do the needful urged the SFG to embark on an international campaign towards the recognition of Somaliland as a sovereign country and member of the United Nations since this is the only option as per the wishes of somalilanders.
The Sultan is leading a high powered team of South West Somalia administration region officials who are in the country upon invitation by the Somaliland government also conveyed wishes of good tidings to Somaliland from his president Madobe Nuunow Mohamed

Elders from  Mogadishu being entertained to a sumptuous dinner in Hargeisa/file
The Sultan Bayle led team to Somaliland is composed of south west administration ministers, assistant ministers and traditional leaders among them minister of Health Salah Sheikh Osman and Secretary to the traditional council Ali Mohamed Yusuf.
This support for recognition of Somaliland by the Sultan Bayle team and visit by elders from Somalia is the second coming in the heels of a similar one by an over fifty members delegation led by Chief Haad which participated in the 18th May 2014 commemorations marking the 23rd anniversary since Somaliland withdrew from its ill-fated union with Somalia.

The Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo L and Waranade  his interior minister swimming at Batalale beach in Berbera
The historic delegation led by Chief Haad who is the main Hawiye clan traditional leader and heads the Hawiye Unity and Cultural Council which was the first to visit Somaliland since 1991 and was initially received with trepidation and suspicion by Somalilanders encouraged the current visit by the Sultan Bayle team after motives garnered citizen’s acceptance following strong sentiments supportive of Somaliland’s sovereignty which is a sacredly irrevocable decision.

AMISOM troops repulse an attempt on the life of SFG president Hasan Sheikh by Al-Shabaab in mogadishu somalia
Though the SFG is yet to comment on sentiments of the 26th June and 18th May by the Sultan Bayle and Chief Haad led delegations the fact that the elders are briefing their constituents on facts pertaining to the very conclusive Sovereignty desire of somalilanders is a positive direction in the right direction.