Somaliland: Presidential Aspirant Denied Access to V.I.P Lounge


Jamal Ali

By: G.A. Maher’

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The party for justice and development UCID candidate for presidency Mr. Jamal Ali Hussein and his entourage were denied entry to the V.I.P lounge of Egal international Airport where he had gone to receive his chairman Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe who was arriving from Dubai in U.A.E.

Speaking to hordes of reporters outside the airport Mr. Jamal accused the government for not respecting the opposition. In retrospect he recalled “when the ruling party Kulmiye was in opposition the then ruling party had to contend with rowdy mobs when such an action was done to them”.

The presidential aspirant went on to say that his party would “not act in the same way by mobilizing the masses against the government but they will restrain themselves and be patient from such provocations”.

Mr. Jamal added that the police at the airport stopped their motorcade from entering and claimed that they had orders not to allow the convoy and supporters of the party to enter the Airport premises.

He said that the government has to stop witch hunting opponents and deal with them in constructive manner, because their role is to pin point any weakness from the government’s side and that they should take it positively to improve the country’s image