Somaliland: Police, Residents Trained on Security Maintenance


Somalilandsun – The Danish Demining Group held a workshop at Al Hayat Hotel in Baligubadle town for police officers and area residents on conflict prevention and peace resolution.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the training the Baligubadle town deputy mayor councilor Mawlid Jama Yusuf thanked DDG for their support and training hand in hand with the police to address security issues by cooperating with the law enforcement agency to fight crime and other societal ills that may disturb the peace of the inhabitants.

A DDG senior official Mr. Faisal Abdirahim Madar and his colleague a Mr. Idiris talked to the participant about the importance of anger management conflict prevention. They also talked about conjoining of traditional leaders in peace resolution.

Participants were educated on explosive land mines and how to identify different types of land mines in the ground. The residents were asked to swiftly inform DDG in case of any sighting of land mines or associated devices.