Somaliland: President Silanyo Joins Berbera Residents for Friday Prayers and a Swim


Somaliland president Ahmed mahmud SilanyoC enjoys a swim at Batalale Beach in Berbera

By: Yusuf M Hasan

BERBERA (Somalilandsun) – Residents of the Berbera port city were joined by the Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo in Friday prayers at the town’s Khaalid-Binu Waliid mosque.

The head of state who is in his second leg of regional development supervision our arrived in Berbera on Thursday night and spend at the Sahil regional state lodge where various officials and traditional leaders were on hand to brief him.

After performing Friday prayers at the filled to capacity Khaalid-Binu Waliid mosque President Silanyo who is leading a large entourage that includes the first lady Amina Weris and numerous cabinet ministers dispatched some members of his entourage to the Berbera port to offload an assortment of food items meant for distribution to a number of Sahil, Awdal and Selel region coastal settlements.

President Silanyo (in blue shirt) at Friday prayers in Berbera

To ascertain the safe reception of more than 10,000 bags containing rice, flour and sugar were the Berbera mayor Abdishakur Idin, Sahil regional governor Ali Gaad-dheer, and director of welfare MS Amina Mohamed Diriye who represented the president.

According to information from the presidential press office distribution of the food donated by the central government to the residence of Somaliland’s coastal settlements shall begin immediately under the watchful eyes of presidency officials.

The port city’s youth had the field day when the head of state engaged them to a one on one at the Batalale Beach where students from the Berbera based marine school demonstrated to their distinguished guests a number of tricks learned.

Government officials brief on the arrived food donation the port of Berbera

Urging members of his entourage to join the marine studies students in swimming president Silanyo who also joined in taking a splash rom the cooling Gulf of Aden waters further informed of his pleasure in joining ordinary citizens especially youthful ones in their day to day activities

As his norm president Silanyo strolls the streets of  Berbera in a meet the people in an ater prayers meet tourSaid he, “Am happy to be here with you today and observing our country’s youth undertaking in local pleasure after a strenuous week of studies which have contributed a lot to the reduction in illegal immigration to western countries and attendant brain-drain.

Prior to his arrival in Berbera where he was hosted at the regional state lodge by Sahil government officials and traditional leaders president Silanyo and his entourage were from the Somaliland western regions of Awdal and Selel where various development projects were either officially instigated or opened.

Of note is the president’s visit to the Selel regional capital of Sayla where he not only spend a night but amazed residents by joining them for breakfast at a local restaurant prior to a presidential met the people tour of the town which culminated in president Silanyo launching a project geared towards modernizing the port of Sayla.

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Marine students welcome president Silanyo and Interior minister Waranade to Batalal beach in Berbera