Somaliland: Balli-Abane Councilor Abdillahi-Asse Speaks of Development Prospects & Challenges to Som


Hon. Abdillahi Mohammed Ali (Abdillahi-asse)

A A Jama

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) – The councilor of Balli-Abane in Haud region Mr. Abdillahi Mohammed Ali (Abdillahi-Asse) told Somalilandsun that the locusts have destroyed the batch of grasses that were harvested as ready hay for livestock consumption which could have been of great help especially before rainy season.

The councilor complained that already people have fenced the grazing areas of the livestock in the region and hinted that plans were discussed on how to remove away the fences in order for the livestock to get amble grazing fields

Mr. Abdillahi-Asse discussed in details on the proper plans that he intends to undertake in the near future. The Councillor elaborates that he has raised the issue with the relevant authorities who have agreed to de-link the public grazing fields from privately owned farming lands in order to avoid situation where general grassland meant for the larger population is fenced by individual farmers.

On the side of development in Balli-Abane district where the leader was elected Mr. Abdillahi Mohammed Ali told Somalilandsun that the residence of the district have to construct a police station with officers seconded to the station and has assured that the locals have done their fundraising & soon deployment of more security personnel would be witnessed patrolling the area.

Cllr. Abdillahi Mohammed added that there are no enough schools in the district & that the Government has pledged developing the district but up to now the state has not honored any development in the district. He requests the Government to implement development projects in the district like other districts instead of favoring other areas at the expense of Balli-Abane. On health sector in the district the Councilor said the district has only one dispensary that was built by the ministry of health but still requests ambulance for an emergency.

Mr. Abdillahi-Asse thanked Telesom Company who fixed electricity in the district upon request of area Councilors & was extremely happy that twenty four hour lighting is in place within Balli-abane.

He also urged the councilors of the district to engage in development by implementing this year’s plan especially with maintenance of roads & other development projects.

While being interviewed at Somalilandsun offices the Balli-Abane Councilor contacted the Mayor of Balligubadle Mr. Abdi Iman Jama who further furnished Somalilandsun that locust invasion have been reported to ministry of Agriculture officials but no action have so far been taken despite even broadcasting the effects of the menace on the local radio channel.

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