Somaliland: President Pardons Detained Puntland Legislator


Puntland MP pardoned by President Silanyo of Somaliland

By: Omar M.Farah

Erigavo(Somalilandsun)-Despite acrimonious from the Garowe base Somalia administrative region of Puntland, authorities in Somaliland are intent in establishing friendly relations.

In this regard the president of Somaliland Ah,Ed Mahmud Silanyo has issued a presidential pardon for  Puntland’s  Parliamentarian Mr.   Mohamed Farah Anjeh.

The legislator from Puntland has been in custody almost   a month in Erigavo, following his arrest while in company of armed soldiers from Puntland deep within Somaliland territory I. the east of Sanaag region.

Accordimg to the Sanaag regional governor Ahmed Abdi Falaay Sanaag 

The Punt land MP had been seized during  a combat which Somaliland and Punt land troops  clashed each other in outskirt of Dhahar district, eastern of Sanag region Last month. After Punt land militia intervened the voter registration exercise which had been carrying  out the region’s districts.

Mohamed Farah Anjeh  is residents in Sanaag, and was nabbed by  Somaliland security forces in Dhahar  accused for conducting  spy of   against to the voter registration.

On the other side BBC Somali service, disseminated that outsider sources affirmed this follows  contacts between the head of state’s parlayed this incident.

Punt land claims some areas of Sanag and Sool regions which are Somaliland’s territory, and resulted frequent clashes between  the sides.