Somaliland: President on Western Regions Development Inspection Tour


President Silanyo is expected to travel to Erigavo to lay foundation stone of the road connecting the Sanaag regional capital with the rest of the country via Burao immediately upon completing duties in Selel and Awdal regions respectively.

President Silanyo is warmly received by residents

By: Moody Boodle

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The President of Somaliland His Excellency Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo has embarked on a duty tour of the Western region accompanied the first lady, the internal affairs minister, the minister of foreign affairs and the minister of health.

The President is scheduled to meet with the Western regions senior administrators and senior public figures among them traditional leaders like Sultans and Chiefs, local council officials and politicians from the ruling Kulmiye party in both Awdal and Selel regions.

On the way to his ultimate destination of Sayla the Head of State took time to officially open the Kalabaid /Wajale road whose construction has just ended as well as lay the foundation stone for the construction of the road connecting Kalabaid and Dila of Gabiley and Awdal regions respectively.

Meanwhile the President is expected to officially open a number of roads in Borame town whose construction has made possible by a partnership between the local municipal council and central government.

Newly acquired Earthmovers manuevour Hargeisa streets  enroute for national duty constructing Erigavo Burao Road  photo by somalilandsun

On the other hand, un confirmed reports indicate that President Silanyo who is making his maiden to visit to Sayla since assuming the Presidency will upon completing duties in the country’s furthermost western city shall immediately embark to Erigavo in the east of the country where his mission pertains to officially initiating construction of the much anticipated 375 kms Burao Erigavo road.

The Roads Development Authority-RDA has been busy transporting to Erigavo the recently acquired earthmovers for construction of the Burao Erigavo road presumably ahead of the president’s arrival in the town most likely by Thursday this week.

While the administration of president Silanyo is credit with massively instigating numerous development projects in all regions the Erigavo Burao road construction is the most ambitious one.