Somaliland: Police Confiscate Alcohol in Burao


By: Moody Boodle

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – Police in Burao after a tip off have confiscated a 100 lit of gin and arrested two of the four suspects who illegally trade in the forbidden and banned drug in Somaliland.

The two persons arrested for the importing and trading of the substance were arraigned in the court of justice in Burao and were given a sentence of one year in prison.

The Burao chief of central police station Captain, Ahmed Awil Ganey, in briefing the media said that after the signal of the tipoff that the culprits have crossed the border the police intercepted their journey and arrested two of they while the other two escaped and are at large.

The police Captain added that the security officers are alert and on patrol day and night in fighting the drug dealers who import the substance from Ethiopia.

The police in Burao have the record of confiscating the drug say this is one of their biggest catch in the past few months.