Somaliland: President Officiates Radio Quran Al Karem 2nd Anniversary Commemorations


President Silanyo (C) at the Somaliland information ministry in Hargeisa

By Abdirisak Itaqile

Hargeisa, (Somaliland Monitor) -The meeting hall inside Information Ministry headquarters was the scene of much fun and joy on Monday, as President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud “Silanyo” and other senior government officials joined to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of “Radio Koran Al Karem” inception, a 24-hour FM radio that broadcasts Koran.

The colorful ceremony was attended by members of the cabinet, prominent religious clerics, traditional leaders, civil society members, journalists as well Information Ministry staff.

In his opening remarks, Sheih Mohamed Shabel, the head of Radio Koran Al Karem expressed his gratitude towards thanked President Ahmed Silanyo and other individuals who contributed to Radio.

Shabel als thanked Information Minister Abdilahi Ukuse and the Ministry’s Director General Mohamed Ilkacase for their continuous support to the radio.

dozens of Somaliland religious clerics attended the event

Sheikh Mohamed Adem, a well-known religious cleric and the owner of Daral Koran schools who also spoke at the ceremony lauded president Silanyo for his tireless efforts towards the country’s infrastructure.

Speaking at the occasion, the Information and Guidance minister, Abdilahi Mohamed Dahir Ukuse, noted that the biggest tribute should go to President Silanyo for being the greatest supporter to advance the Quranic knowledge of Somalilanders.

“His Excellency single-handedly supported the radio through generous funding for its establishment and the airing of the Koran, and he has gone a step further to also lend his total support to this event we are attending,” he informed, while thanking him for his continuous support towards to the radio.

During the ceremony, president Silanyo was awarded a certificate of appreciation for his contribution towards the establishment of the radio.

Speaking at the ceremony, president Silanyo noted the importance of the Koranic radio while thanking information Ministry officials for their continuous support to the radio. He also stressed the need for a Quranic media during the holy month of Ramadan.

President Ahmed Silanyo awards a certificate of appreciation to the Information Minister Abdilahi UkuseFinally, President Silanyo awarded a certificate of appreciation to the Minister of Information Abdilahi Mohamed Dahir “Ukuse” for his continuous efforts to develop the country’s broadcasting media.

Established in June 2013, the 24-hour FM radio broadcasts sessions for Quran recitation and other religious programs