Somaliland: Awdal Governor Vows to Wipe-out Marauding Youth Gangs from Borame


Awdal regional governor Mahmud Ramah -inset- says gangs of violent youths have descended on residents of Borame city

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
BORAME (Somalilandsun) – Incidents of rape and petty theft perpetrated by youths prowling Borame town in gangs shall no longer be tolerated.
This warning was issued by the governor of Awdal region Mahmud Ali Suleiman ‘Ramah’ in his Borame offices where he also stated that he shall personally take operational charge of campaigns to eliminate criminal activities of youth gangs in his administrative capital.
“Of late there has been an increase in cases of rape, knife stabbings and petty theft in Borame town and this should stop forthwith in lieu of stern action by government “said Governor Ramah while urging parents to rein their children
Informing that the campaign to restore safety in Borame town especially for women who are main victims, the regional administrator told parents of any culprits arrested by police that they shall neither be allowed to visit or feed them in custody nor shall he, governor, listen to pleas of clemency.
Said he, “In order to avoid collisions between parents and the administration restrain your children for once arrested not even requests to release them in order to attendant school shall be listened to nor accepted”
Governor Ramah said his determination to completely wipe-out youth gang related crimes in the Awdal regional capital Borame is as a result of cries made by families and relatives of the many women who have fallen victim to rape, muggings and stabbings by the rampaging youth gangs that mostly operate at night.
Youth gang activities in Somaliland that originally started in Hargeisa where concerted efforts by authorities and parents have ensued with a dramatic decrease are now engulfing other towns like Las Anod in Sool region and now Borame.
The pledge by Governor Ramah is a sure bet for success having proven himself as one of the most cool headed administrator in Somaliland not only in his current perch at Awdal but at his former governorship of Sahil and Sanaag regions respectively.