Somaliland: President Nothing is Wrong with Defending Your Government’s Achievements in Public!


By: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh”Hussein Deyr”Eng Hussein Deyr

Somalilandsun – Your Excellency Mr. President, in spite of your wisdom, honesty and unrelenting nature, the help, support and an actively involvement of the country’s citizens are vital.

No doubt about that you are pursuing a cause that is valuable and honourable, but the chances of succeeding and achieving the projected goals of your government are partly dependent on the degree of involvement of its citizens. This is the way forward and the basis for ensuring that your government’s inspirations of today can be translated into tomorrow’s durable nationwide civic participation. Winning the people’s confidence and increasing their trust and belief in their own government is the highest prize.

Your Excellency Mr. President, the victory has so many rivals, so it was to be expected that the successes and results achieved by your Government will not be appreciated by everyone in our society. There will always be people who are blinded by envy and resentment who do not wish you well and who are prepared to thwart, in many ways, against your government. However, when you really are convinced that your government is doing its best for the people and country’s interest, then there is nothing wrong with defending your government’s record, policy and performance in publicly. In that case, with realistic and demonstrable results you let your opponents to conceal.

Mr. President, the Somaliland people can recall the hopeless situation in which our country was before you came to power, where our country have come from and where we are now! In a very short time, you have made possible what was previously considered as impossible. No one can deny that your government is on an upward spiral in terms of development, confident, credibility and social advancement. Your government deals with challenging issues of today as well as for tomorrow; focusing mainly on those national and international problems that really matters. Each and every government department is on the rise and is thriving at an astonishingly fast progress. Despite these immense achievements of your government on various fields, I encourage you wholeheartedly to avoid any room for complacency.

Your Excellency, Mr. President, I believe that all traces from your life reveals an integrity and moral high ground that transcends any contradiction. In spite of this, there will always be politically and morally estranged individuals that will go on endlessly about their accusation and blame towards you as a President and your cabinet. So when these people attacking your government’s act, doing and get things done, they are often attacking the achievements and opted political direction of your government in the personality of the President. Regardless of the apparent progress and social advancement of the current government, there will be always people who are prepared to take a second look, particularly those groups who are uncommitted to Somaliland’s cause.

Your Excellency, Mr. President to presume that the majority of the Somaliland public thinks the same as you is the worst mistake you can make in politics. Also it might be risky to take the people’s support for granted. As a leader, it is vitally important that you are never being detached from the public interaction and regular contacts with the people who are very eager to see you or to hear your voice. Make sure that you do not only have a listening ear for the people in your immediate vicinity or the staff around you. With a benevolent intention, they may tell you everything is OK; or they may take a rosy view of things without referring to the deep rooted social gap, public discontent and the reality-based community problems.

In my view, there is nothing wrong with defending your government’s achievement and realised social and economic progress in public.

All what your government needs is to find out a smart and responsible strategy to defend its policies, records and achieved results so far. Failure to do so, your opponents will argue on the contrary where any weaknesses of your government will be used in their favour, and against your government. As a result, the general public gets a wrong picture about your government’s agenda as well as implemented policies which makes your government hard to convince its citizens and to get your message and government’s policy across.

(To be continued……..)

Long Live the Somaliland Republic and its Noble people

By |Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr |UK|