Red Cross sued over – it’s Red Cross!


By Peter Rost

Somalilandsun – J&J, one of the largest drug makers in the world has sued the Red Cross over its use of one of the most famous symbols in the world – the red cross.

The problem is that the Red Cross is not the only organization using this symbol. The red cross also appears on J&J’s first-aid kits and bandages.

In the suit, J&J asked the court to force the Red Cross to have “all licensed products with the red-cross emblem destroyed and to permanently enjoin all sales of products bearing the emblem on first-aid, safety-preparedness and related products.”

The Red Cross CEO, Mark Everson, called the action “bizarre” and “obscene.”

J&J claims the company has been using the red cross since 1887, before the chartering of the Red Cross. J&J trademarked the design consisting of two intersecting red lines of equal length at least “as early as 1906,” according to the suit. J&J also claims that the Red Cross only has the right to use the trademark “in connection with nonprofit relief services.”

And if you think this is a hoax, do a Google news search.

BrandweekNRX is a blog for marketing professionals. So seriously folks: Is this about the most foolish PR move by any drug company this year? Or is it the worst move in a decade???

– Peter Rost, M.D. is a former VP of Pfizer and the author of Killer Drug andThe Whistleblower.