Somaliland: President Initiates Zeila Port Modernization


{jcomments off}{jcomments on}After breakfasting with ordinary citizens at a common restaurant in the port town prior to taking a leisurely stroll through the streets of Sayla after

A leisurley Somaliland president meet citizens stroll o Sayla streets

SAYLA (Somalilandsun) – A Government delegation led by president Silanyo has completed a two days official tour of Awdal & Salal regions.

On the second and last day of his tour residents of Sayla were surpised to share breakfast with their head of state at a common restaurant in Zeila town which was followed by a leisurely presidential walk with member of his entourage interacting directly with the town’s residents chatting with different group at different time.

There after his entourage left at about 1330 hrs for Lughaya and on reaching the town a Large crowd consisting of communal elders, clerics, legislators, regional administrators and women leaders came out to welcome him to their residence where he laid a foundation stone for a modern port of that will relieve the work load of the busy port of Berbera. Upon initiating the zeila port modernization, the head of state entourage went ahead with the regional tour.

Earlier on, the president led delegation left the city for Gabilay wherein he untapped a newly constructed road that links Kalabaid junction to Dilla then left for Borama where he also unveiled the road linking Borama to Dilla before enthusiastic crowd eager to witness the tar making of Hargeisa-Borama road.

“President Silanyo’s luck would enter the books of history in becoming the first president to initiate a road construction & then it’s unveiling” said a resident of the town who swore that no other president attained that status.

President Silanyo then attended a function in Borama based Amoud University where he was accorded a honorary doctorate degree together with his Presidency minister whose docket of roads comes under him as well as senior state officials & outstanding Businessmen. But an outstanding patriotism witnessed was that showed by the prominent music artist Miss Run Hadi Saban who donated a whole set of gold in the run up to fundraising of Borama-Zeila road.

The president went ahead with his western region visit passing & addressing members of the public in the Districts of Khulijid, Boon, Gerisa, Elgal & Asha Ado.

The head of state returned to Zeila on Wednesday evening where he retired for the night before embarking on his tour of ascertaining the impact of development projects initiated & implemented by his Government.