Somaliland: President Hassan of Somalia to follow the Bubaa Footsteps


Somalilandsun – The over two decades Somaliland bashing in Mogadishu are about to come to an abrupt end with the imminent defection of the president of the Somalia Federal Government to Hargeisa.

Following the return to Hargeisa of politician Ismail Mahmud Hurre Bubaa a son of Somaliland after recanting his Somaliweine (Greater Somalia reunion) tenets roving Somalilandsun cameras have captured images of President Hasan sheikh under preparation for his imminent defection to Somaliland.

Though authorities in Hargeisa are yet to comment on the circulating rumours of the imminent arrival of the beleaguered Somalia president his defection shall facilitate ease of success in the country’s quest for international recognition as a sovereign nation.

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