Somaliland: President Hasan Optimistic of Talks Outcome


President Hasan Sheikh

By: Geeska

Somalilandsun – The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, addressed the ongoing discussions taking place with Somaliland in a speech given to the United Nations Council.

In the address, the President of Somalia said the following:

“With the good offices of the Government of Turkey, we have continued our

dialogue with the authorities in Somaliland, underscoring our determination to

preserve the unity of the country, not by force and coercion, but through dialogue.”

It is clear that the President of Somalia, Hassan Sh. Mohamud, as conveyed in his speech, only views the outcome of discussions with Somaliland as those resulting in a unified country.

“We are confident that our dialogue with Somaliland will not only continue, but will eventually bear


The President of Somalia, who has yet to make such bold statements, decided the best platform to convey such strong perspectives, was the United Nation’s Council Meeting. Several questions remain, whether or not the Government of Somaliland will respond to such statements? Will the underlying intention of Somalia’s Government hinder the possibility of any future talks between both nations? Or, will the words of Hassan Sh. Mohamud fall on the deaf ears of Somaliland’s Government?

Hassan Sh. Mohamud also spoke about the recent terrorist attack launched by members of Al-Shabbab in Kenya. “We are winning the war on terror; the war against Al-Shabbab. We will continue fighting them in every city, district, and neighborhood-until we find them wherever they may be and bring these criminals before justice. We will battle their usage of technology to propagate a poisonous message, their usage of education to brainwash people; this is our objective”.

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