Somaliland: President Elevates SLNTV to a Parastatal as he appoints and Demotes Senior Officials


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland National Television Station is now a fully-fledged parastatal.

This development is as a result of three presidential decrees released late last night that also unveiled the new minister and assistant minister of information as well as a new presidential press officer and political Advisor.

According to a press, statement released by Mr. Nassir Yusuf Dahir a special assistant at the presidency press office, Mr. Abib Diriye Nuur replaces the fired Boobe as minister of information and national guidance thus the official government spokesperson.

The press statement read:

The president of the republic of Somaliland H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo through decree No: JSL/M/XERM/2491283/082012 hereby makes a number of appointments that include a minister and assistant minister of information, Gabile regional governor, presidential press officer and Director of the SLNTV. These appointments are pursuant to his constitutional mandate.

The President

After Perusing: Section 2, Article 90 of the Somaliland constitution

Having Considered: The Importance of government ministries to national development

After Considering: The importance of filling a number of vacant positions in the government

Having Observed: The skills and Knowledge of public service

Having Satisfaction: That the skills and knowledge possessed avail capability of holding senior public office

Do hereby appoint:

1. Mr. Abib Diriye Nuur, as the minister of information and national guidance, the said appoint takes effect from this date.

2. Mr. Abdilahi Mohamed Dahir ‘Ukuse, as the assistant minister of information and national guidance with effect from date of appointment. .

3. Mr. Ahmed Suleiman Duhul, as the Presidential press officer effective from the date of appointment

4. Mr. Ahmed Ali Nuur, as the Governor of Gabile region effective from the date of appointment and

5. Mr. Khadar Ali Gas, as the Director of the Somaliland National Television region effective from the date of appointment

The second presidential decree No: JSL/M/XERM/249-1288/082012 that pertained to the Creation of an autonomous National TV Managing Directorate of Somaliland stated:

The president of Somaliland having perused relevant articles of the constitution and in lieu of the imperative need for an independent national TV station hereby creates an independent directorate to run the state TV station.

The president hereby:

1. Creates an autonomous National TV Management Directorate

2. The directorate shall operate under the policy supervision and advice and of the minister of information and national guidance who shall be kept informed at all times

3. The directorate is mandated with broadcasting national and international political, economic, Community etc. audio visual programs

4. This directorate shall become law upon signature by the president.

The third presidential decree No: JSL/M//XERM/249-1285/082012 pertaining to the appointment of a presidential political advisor states that,

The president having perused relevant articles of the constitution and in lieu of the importance of a presidential advisor and having considered and been satisfied of the skills, knowledge and abilities hereby appoints Mr. Daud Khaire Kahin as a presidential political advisor effective from the date of appointment. END

The new minister of information Hon Abib Diriye Nuur takes over from Abdirahman Yusuf Duale Boobe fired last week. Thebe firing is attributed by many to be circumstances surrounding infightings within the ministry, that led to the imprisonment of a finance director on corruption related charges and subsequent firing by Boobe of two directors one of whom is the new presidential press officer.

The appointment of former presidential press officer UKUSE as information assistant minister is an outright demotion and that of Duhul his replacement as a promotion while the new political advisor Mr. Daud Khaire Kahin fills the post left vacant by former holder Abib Diriye Nuur who is the new information minister.

Contrary to the above officials who assume well-formulated posts, the new TV director Mr. Khadar Ali Gas is entering unchartered waters since he assumes control of a newly created directorate that is orally independent but on paper as per # 2 of the second decree, he remains under the careful watch of the information minister.

The directorate that has all the makings of a parastatal will entail it performing a function usually associated with a government and under its indirect control.

While the three decrees (less Gabile governor) emanate from the firing of the minister of information who had earlier on sacked two directors, there is a question mark as relates to the Boobe fired Director of the Dawan Media Group( state print media) Mr. Mohamed Osman Mire ‘Sayid’ whose fate remains hanging.

Sayid fired together with Duhul who got the lofty presidential press officer’s post while it remains foggy whether the Boobe firing stands or reinstated to his former post at Dawan.

The firing of Sayid and Duhul was perceived by many as a fallacy by Boobe owing to their high esteem within the presidency due to the outstanding performance as managers of the then Kulmiye party owned clandestine radio station of ‘Horiyal’.

Sayid Mire became a thorn in the flesh of the then president Dahir Rayale Kahin and his UDUB ruling part. The Sayid Mire led Horiyal clandestine radio which landed him in jail several times is directly attributed with having broken the spine of the then ruling party UDUB.

To crown the success of dislodging UDUB from office, the Boobe fired and now presumably reinstated Managing editor of Dawan Media Group Mr. Mohamed Osman Mire ‘Sayid’ conducts official business seated on the chair that used to be president Rayale’s.