Somaliland: President Bihi’s Legacy Hinges on Upholding the Rule of Law or Continued Impunity of Corrupt Past Officials- Guban View

Somaliland President Bihi Must Choose Between the Rule of Law or Former Silanyo Administration Ministers like L-R Hirsi Ali and Mahmud Hashi

Somalilandsun:  Unless the prevalent impunity of corrupt public officials past and present is brought to a drastic end through legal procedures enshrined in the constitution the people of Somaliland shall continue to wallow in despair.

Since legal tenets must be applied equally and without regard to a culprits’ social standing it is time for citizens to demand transparency and accountability from our elected and appointed public officials, this is the entire Sum total of adherence to the rule of law.

In this context and owing to the many known former public officials in the immediate past Kulmiye party administration openly maintain a life of affluence from their ill-gotten loot mostly in the capital Hargeisa from where they never fail to castigate the incumbent head of state, time is ripe for utilization of a legal ironist.

It is therefore imperative and without fear or targeted victimizing for political reasons that President Muse Bihi take expedited legal action thus related tenets of the Somaliland constitution that deal with maladministration are enabled for the good of the country argues Ali-Guban Mohamed from his base in Lewis Center, Ohio in a piece titled Guban View: President Bihi Must Choose Between Former President Silanyo’s Lieutenants or the Rule of Law HERE