MMC 4Mi snapshot: Awareness of COVID-19 and access to services among refugees and migrants interviewed in Somaliland – October 2020

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Somalilandsun: In East Africa, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions and widespread border closures has had a major impact on mixed movements. This snapshot is the second in a series on the impact of COVID-19 on refugees and migrants in mixed movements into and through Somaliland. This snapshot is focused on awareness of COVID-19, access to information and services. It aims to contribute towards a solid evidence base to inform targeted responses on the ground, as well as advocacy efforts related to the situation of refugees and migrants during the coronavirus pandemic.

Key findings

• Refugees and migrants are largely aware of and worried about contracting COVID-19, however up to a third of respondents are not doing anything to protect themselves.

• Health workers and national government among the top sources and most-trustworthy sources of information on coronavirus.

• 65% of respondents report that they would be unable to access health services if they needed medical attention.

• Nearly all respondents (97%) noted that they need extra help to cope with the impact of the COVID-19 situation, but only 12% reported that they had received any additional assistance since the pandemic began.

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