Somaliland: President Bihi Parley’s Somalia’s Farmajo on Border Tensions and Talks Resumption


Somalilandsun – The presidents of Somaliland and Somalia have made first contact in which they discussed two main issues.
According to Geeska Afrika Source President Musa Bihi Abdi of Somaliland and President Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo of Somalia held their first discussions via a telephone conversation earlier in the week.
The sources indicate that the two heads discussions that came prior to the three days official visit to Ethiopia undertaken by the Somaliland head of state were facilitated CENTRE FOR HUMANITARIAN DIALOGUE”,
During the conversations in which both the presidents are reported to have been unanimous in their desire for sustainable peace, the Somaliland head state raised the question of ongoing conflict in Tukaraq, a town in the Somaliland Sool region where the national army is engaged in running battles with forces from Puntland, a Somalia administrative region to the east of Hargeisa.
President Bihi who laid blame of conflict on the Somalia federal government which is waging a proxy war through Puntland, give the intimidating visit of the SFG planning minister’s visit to Badhan town in Somaliland’s Sanaag region as a good example
Our source reports that President Behi told Farmajo that “A covert visit by one of your ministers to our country illegally is provocation enough, and it is not worthy anything apart from unnecessary confrontation”
President Farmajo is said to have denied the accusations while promising to pursue peaceful resolution as he stressed on the fact that his administration is one guided by pursuit of peaceful co-existence.
In conclusion to the two Presidents are reported to have agreed on the imperatives of resuming stalled international sanctioned talks Between their two countries in which they also committed to be present at the initial opening anywhere agreed upon