Somaliland: President Attends Somaliland Red Cross and Red Crescent Society 155th Anniversary Celebration in Hargeisa


Somalilandsun:The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi was the chief guest at a
ceremony to mark the 155th anniversary of Somaliland Red Cross and Red
Crescent Society in Hargeisa headquarters of the organization.

According to news reported by Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) when the head
of state arrived he was ushered in to see the different departments of the
organization and the various activities that were ongoing.

In one room the president was shown how prosthetic limps were made whereas
in another he witnessed how limps were fitted to the many patients who seek
the services of the humanitarian organization.

After inspecting the different works and activities the organization offers
the president opened the official ceremony of the Red Cross and Red
Crescent society which was slated for 8th May 2018 but postponed for today
9 May 9, 2018.

Speaking at the function the chairman of the Red Cross and Red Crescent
society Mr.Ahmed Abdi Bakaal thanked the president for participating in
this event to mark their 155th years of service.

He said “The Red Cross and Red Crescent Society were founded 155 years
ago, it operates in 191 countries worldwide and we hope Somaliland shall
become the 192nd country after her recognition by the international
community God willing. The Red Cross and Red Crescent society is a
humanitarian organization and does a lot of work for Somaliland population,
from health services to serving the handicapped people and many other
humanitarian work is the scope of unending activities to humanity.”

The minister of health development Mr.Hassan Ismael Yusuf praised the Red
Cross and Red Crescent Society for their support to more than thirty health
departments, and employment of many youths in her different department
dispersed around the country.

Last but not least the head of state took the podium; he said that the Red
Cross and Red Crescent Society have achieved much since her inception in
Somaliland. The president reminded the youth who were attended the event
that most of them were not born when the organization started work in the
country. He went on to confirm that the organization pumps a lot of money
into development of different heath sectors.