Somaliland: President Hails Army Officers for Achieving Meritorious Fetes


somalilandsun- The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi conferred upon senior army officers honorary certificates upon achieving meritorious awards in their advanced courses from foreign military academies and hailed them for their fetes.

Flanked by his deputy H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael Seyli’I, Defence Minister Hon. Isse Ahmed Yusuf and Chief Army Commander Major General Nouh Ismael Tani, the Head of State received the six officers at the Presidency yesterday.

He noted that the excellent results achieved by the officers in the various fields of specializations was a plus for the needs of the country’s military.

He pointed out that by excelling in their fields the status of the nation, the country’s military stature and Somaliland people as a whole, hence diplomatically, it was a triumph for the nation.

The defense minister echoed similar words and thanked the President for receiving them.

On his part the Army Chief stated that the reception the President accorded the officers was a culmination of their merits in excelling in their various advanced courses abroad.

The officers were five army majors and one captain.

They are Majors Ahmed Isse Ahmed, Said Adan Abdi, Mohammed Dahir Jibril, Ahmed Dagaal Dimbil, Abdikarim Mohammed Yusuf and Captain Mustaffa Ali Mohammed.

By: M.A. Egge