Somaliland: President Appoints Tuuhe as Ankara based Diplomatic Representative


Press Release

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Governments of Turkey and Somaliland have established direct diplomatic relations.

This development follows the appointment of Ali Ahmed Osman ‘Tuuhe’ as the resident Somaliland envoy in the Turkish capital of Ankara.

The appointment of Tuuhe which is expected to be reciprocated by the government of Turkey came via a presidential decree, JSL/M/XERM/249-2467/052014 and disbursed to media houses by presidential press service.

In his decree President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo attributed his authority to make the appointment on powers conferred upon by Article 90 section 3 paragraph ‘R’ of the Somaliland constitution.

Despite the constitutional authority the head of state also informed that the appointment which is necessitated by the growing bi-lateral relations with Turkey came after consultations with, and recommendations of relevant departments.

“With the constitutional authority conferred upon my office and after consultations with diverse stakeholders both in government and within the community and upon ascertaining his capabilities to undertake duties of an envoy abroad, I hereby appoint Ali Ahmed Osman ‘Tuuhe ‘as the Somaliland representative in Turkey.

The new appointee was ordered to assume his new duties immediately and work with diligence in this very important office. End

Though Turkey has for the past couple of years been dispensing hefty support both Financial and material to the SFG in Mogadishu a shift in policy has seen an increased Turkish intervention in Somaliland hopefully this exchange of diplomats will ameliorate the Turks stance on maintaining the pre-1991 status quos of Somalia thence recognition of Somaliland’s sovereignty.