Somaliland: Celebrate 23 Years of independence with British Somalilanders


Dear friends and colleagues,

Somalilandsun – The Official 18 May committee in Partnership with Somaliland Communities in the UK are delighted to invite you to join them in celebrating the 23rd anniversary of Somaliland re- independence, Sunday 18th May 2014, 1pm- 11:30pm, Troxy Hall, 490 Commercial Road, London, E1 0XH.

On this day we will be celebrating Somaliland’s achievements of the last 23 years and will also be looking forward with confidence to consider the challenges of the coming years. It is an occasion for drawing lessons from the past to inform both our aspirations for a future of political maturity and economic viability and our yearning for the international recognition of Somaliland.

There will be lectures, discussion focused on issues concerning Somaliland’s future. This year’s 18th may will be a platform to push Somaliland development agenda, priorities and space for new developmental initiatives on health, education, business opportunities and infrastructure to be explored and different pathway for building a sustainable future for Somaliland to be discussed.

The event has also been designed to celebrate the social and cultural developments of the last 23 years in Somaliland and there will be different types of entertainment for young and old. Speakers, discussions, workshops, comedy, music, poetry, reading, drama, family friendly entertainment, documentaries and exhibitions.

We have invited prominent speakers from Somaliland such as Mohamed Biihi; Somaliland Foreign Minister, Hon. Stephen Doughty; MP for Cardiff, Hon. Rushanara Ali: MP for Tower Hamlets, Nadifa Mohamed: Novelist, Ismael Nour Farah; Mayor of Erigabo, Hon. Abdirahman Mahamed Mahamoud; Somaliland MP, Hon. Ahmed Maxamed Dirie; Somalialnd MP and amazing comedians such as, Ibrahim Ismail Sugle (AKA Sooraan) and Issa Abdi Ismail (AKA Jawaan). Entertainments by Ikran Arale, Prince Abdi, Abdi Omar, Hudaydi, Nuur Dalacay, Aar Maanta, Said Hussien, Faysal Yare, Abdirahman Xananteeye, Ali Ahmed Rabi ” Seenyo”, Aisha- luul Mahamed, Yusra Warsame, Prince Abdi, Abdirahman Abees. and more.

Dress Code: Black Tie. There will be photography and a red carpet area (YESSS!) so please dress to impress and lets show the world that Somalilanders always keep it classy!

Tickets are available for purchase on the day

Adult £20 – Child £5

Light refreshment will also be available for purchase (and all funds including tickets will go toward the construction of the Cerigaabo Road)

We look forward to celebrating with you.

Celebrating the 23rd anniversary of Somaliland re- independence, Sunday 18th May 2014, 1pm- 11:30pm, Troxy Hall, 490 Commercial Road, London, E1 0XH