Somaliland: President Appoints Land Review Committee


Land grab by the affluent in Somaliland is out of control

Somalilandsun – The Head of State Ahmed Mohammed Mahamud (Silanyo) has named twelve members of his cabinet look into the blatant abuse of land laws, endemic mismanagement of land and the emergence of a new culture in country of land grabbing through unlawful means.

In a presidential decree number RSL/M/MG/0811-3495/082015 sent to news outlet and signed by presidential mansion spokesman Mr. Ahmed Suleiman Dhuhul confirmed appointment of twelve ministers to land’s policy review committee and they will be responsible for coming up with a new Somaliland land’s policy.

1. Minister of Internal Security

2. Minister of Planning and National Development

3. Minister of Public Works, Housing and Transport

4. Minister of Livestock and Animal Husbandry

5. Minister of Agriculture

6. Minister of Finance

7. Minister in the Office of the president

8. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources

9. Minister of Information, Culture and National Guidance

10. Minister of Water

11. Minister of Justice

The president letter read “According to article 12 of the republic of Somaliland constitution affirms and gives the government of the land the sole responsibility to manage and allot to citizens and making sure it is utilized in the right manner. In this respect I appoint you prepare, draft and plan a new land distribution, management and administration policy to help counter mismanagement and abuse of this precious resource. I hope you take is opportunity to come up with the best land policy for Somaliland.

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