Somaliland: Airport Security Nabs Mineral Smugglers


An assortment of smuggled minerals handover to the Somaliland ministry of minerals and Energy

Somalilandsun – Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport has handed over assortment of gemstones seized by security personnel from smugglers trying to export the illegal cargo through Egal International Airport. The illicit consignment was handed over to Director General of Mineral Resources Mr. Ibrahim Shire Mohammed.

In a brief handover ceremony cum press conference held at the Egal’s Airport administration office by its manager Mr. Mohammed Yusuf Ismael informed members of the press at the venue “As you are witnessing, I’m handing over these 302 kilograms gemstones which my men confisticated from would be smugglers who tried to leave the country with the contraband minerals between 2014-2015. They were seized by our vigilant security officers. We have reached a milestone that shows different government branches and departments are cooperating to make sure only licensed minerals dealers who’ve got valid permits of minerals dealership and have paid taxes will be authorized to export our natural resources. Will not sit idle and watch criminals steal Somaliland’s minerals. I now pass these minerals to D.G of Ministry of Mineral Resources. These has been made possible because of the good working rapport ministry of civil aviation has nurtured with other government departments.”

Director General of mineral resources department at the ministry of Mineral resources congratulated Egal’s Airport administration for displaying effectiveness and efficiency in their work and had these to say “I have received 302 kilograms of different types of gemstones which some unscrupulous people tried to smuggle out of the country without valid mineral dealership licenses. The people who want to export minerals and other natural resources should first get permission from my ministry by applying for mineral export license. I send a strong warning to those people caught trying to fleece Somaliland’s government of tax revenue their contraband gemstones will be seized and not returned as it’s the ministry of mineral resources prerogatives to protect and enforce public interests.”

Also speaking at the venue was Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air transport spokesperson Mr. Saddam Mohammed Ahmed stated “It’s our ministry policy protect interests of Somaliland public and natural resources. I’m announcing to travelers who fly through Egal International Airport that they cannot try to smuggle or hide minerals or gemstones of any kind through the airport as the infrared sensors and security equipment installed at Egal’s Airport will identify them, so don’t think you can pass through the security dragnet we’ve put in place. I urge those would be smugglers to follow lawful channels in their dealerships.”

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