Somaliland: Presidency Denies Alleged Interference in Judiciary Affairs


President A M Silanyo

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Head of state has categorically denied the alleged interferences in judicial affairs.This denial follows accusations by members of the bench in Hargeisa was delivered through a press statement released by presidential spokesperson Mr. Suleiman Duhul.

Below are the verbatim excerpts of the presidential statement

Quote- The government is not involved in any activities pertaining to the interference of the due course and proper administration of law and justice in the country.

“Administratively it is government policy for facilitation of a fair and just thus protects the basic rights of citizens”

According to information released by some media outlets it has been alleged that the Government is interfering with discharge of duties of some judicial offices from lower courts in Hargeisa region. There is no official complain of that nature from the judicial commission, the constitutional body tasked with entertaining such complains but it is my responsibility to ensure judiciary to be accorded a conducive atmosphere in the discharge of its responsibilities.

It is imperative to note that my Government has embarked on a vigorous campaign to reform justice status in light of the tangible changes since coming to power.

In view of that it is prudent therefore for courts and its officers and in respect to ethics of governance among various branches of government who discern, rightly or wrongly, a breach within these protocols not to express concerns unconstitutionally but direct complaints the relevant authority (justice commission) as there are protocol channels to be adhered to in the working of the Government’s various arms while respecting separation of their functions & responsibilities.

While reiterating the need not to channel our complains through the media be assured that if there is such recurrences then stern action shall be pursued against any involved” – Unquote