Somaliland: Agriculture Ministry Marks Food and Water Security 2014 Week in new Buildings


somaliland delicacies on display at the food and water security week commemorations in Hargeisa

By: AA Jama

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Vice President of Somaliland Hon. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (saylici) participated in a function organized to create awareness of food and security in Mansoor Hotel.

The V.P pointed out to the farmers to redouble their farming activities and planting of a variety of different local crops.

This will reduce the need of importing food that has taken us hostage the V.P said.

The VP was flanked by the minister of planning, the minister of livestock, the minister of water and his counterpart of the agricultural sector.

Also present were the members of FAO and food and water stakeholders.

The minister of agriculture urged the farmers to eradicate the need for imported food by increasing planting of different crops.

Later on the vice president of Somaliland Mr Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail Sayli opened a new office for the ministry of agriculture in Hargeisa .

During the ceremony to open the new office officiated by the vice president of Somaliland, minster of agriculture and the director general of the ministry as well as other distinguished guest from other ministries and FAO Somaliland Somalia bosses

The office construction project was implemented by FAO through the support of European Union (EU)

The first spokes person was the director general of the ministry of agriculture who said

“Am very happy today to see that Somaliland having a laboratory to conduct experiments on soil and vegetation He also said your Excellency the vice president am happy to inform you that we have a new building and a new laboratory to check soil and trees species”

VP official opens the new Somalilad ministry of agricluture headquarters in Hargeisa

The minister of agriculture Farah Elmi Gedode asked the vice president to open the building and named this week as a week for food security

Said he, “Your Excellency you can see what we have done as a ministry of agriculture. We have constructed a new building and this is a week to mark food security”

This laboratory will assist university students to conduct experiments on soil tests and tree spices.

Finally, the vice president cut the ribbon and praised FAO for the good work they conducted in constructing the new laboratory, he also encouraged Somaliland youth to study agriculture and they will be able to use the laboratory

Presidency Silanyo welcomes FAOs Alinovi to the Somaliland Presidency in Hargeisa

The head of FAO for Somaliland and Somalia has met with President Ahmed Mahamud Silanyo at the presidency. The head of state thanked Mr. Luka Alinovi and FAO for the many a project that the organization has implemented in Somaliland.

Also present were the ministers of planning and agriculture who briefed the FAO head about the locust that has spread in Awdal region and their spread to the neighboring regions.

Mr. Luka Alinovi said that his visit to Somaliland is to participate in the food and security week which will commenced on the 1st of March.

He also announced that he will evaluate all FAO projects and see to the implementation of the future projects and programs.

He thanked the President and his cabinet for their warm welcome.