Somaliland: Post-Elections Relations with Ethiopia

Somaliland: “We are Cooperating with Ethiopia on Covid-19” says Health Minister

Somalilandsun: The electoral process of Somaliland which is mandated by its constitution is new to the region and perhaps, the entire African continent..

Somaliland held its 7th elections, an election to elect national parliament representatives as well as local district councils. While the international and regional observers even from neighbouring Somalia acknowledge  these elections were fair and free, close to nothing is known about the self declared republic, its political system and its relation to its neighbors.

This is noted by Bileh Jelan @BilehJelan   in an indepth analysis of the SomalilandElections2021 published by the Addisstandard.

The analysis with specific focus on the post elections relations between Ethiopia and Somaliland , is titled ON THE ACTORS, THE ELECTORAL PROMISES AND DYNAMICS OF SOMALILAND’S FLEDGLING DEMOCRATIC EXPERIMENT