Somaliland: Politician Abib Tima’ade Musing Active Membership of Wadani Party


Somaliland Politician Abib Timaade

Somalilandsun – The political scene might soon see the return of veteran Politician Abib Nur Diriye ‘Tima’ade’
According to Geeska Africa Sources the veteran politician is set for the Wadani party following successful conclusion of talks with the the Opposition party’s senior officials in Hargeisa.
Having been out of the public limelight since immediately after the controversial Kulmiye party conference that nominated Muse Behi as flag bearer in Somaliland presidential elections slated for this November, the Veteran politician recently resurfaced at a wedding ceremony accompanied by Wadani party presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro.
Sources within Wadani party reveal that absorbing Abib Tima’ade into its ranks shall fortify not only support base in his home region of Gabile, main support base of Kulmiye’s Muse Behi, but nationwide as well.
Abib Tima’ade has served as minister under all the four Somaliland administrations of Abdirahman Tuur- no party, Ibrahim Egal -no party, Dahir Rayale-UDUB party and current Silanyo’s Kulmiye Party.