Somaliland: “Its Time for UCID and Locally Educated Youths to Lead” Eng Warabe


As the UCID party chief blames country’s woes to reliance on Aged politicians of the 1970s & 80s while urging Irro and Muse Behi to take a break
 If his UCID party is elected Eng Feisal Ali Warabe pledges r vamp of outmoded Somaliland governing mechanisms

Somalilandsun – Somaliland might see major changes in the way it is governed if UCID party wins presidential elections come this November.

This is according to Eng Feisal Ali Warabe the Opposition party’s leader and candidate for Somaliland president who revealed that this change shall emanate from appointment of locally educated youths, whom he termed as endowed with vision for the future.
Eng Feisal who was addressing a reception for the party’s Secretary General Ismail Abdi Dahir held in Hargeisa also urged his two opponents in the presidential race to take a break from their covert campaigns.
On the issue of changing the drastic change UCID plans to effect in the manner Somaliland is governed Eng Feisal Ali said that all the woes afflicting the country be it tribalism, inflation, poverty, and corruption are as a result of reliance by former and current ruling parties of UDUB and Kulmiye on relic politicians of the 1970/80s
Giving an example of his party’s choice of Ismail Abdi Dahir a youthful lawyer as Secretary General, the engineer turned politician said such will be his administration if UCID wins the Somaliland presidential elections.
On his two opponents Abdirahman Irro of Opposition Party Wadani and Muse Behi of ruling Kulmiye, the UCID chief who termed them as very fatigued from ceaseless covert campaigns locally and abroad said, “elections campaigns are still far off so please take a break and rest a bit”
Stressing on the fact that citizens were under strain from myriad of constraints Eng Feisal said that Irro and Muse should take time to stay in the country as he has done in pursuit of undertaking necessary activities geared towards alleviating the difficulties.
In the same breathe the UCID leader addressing his two opponents to the Somaliland presidency said that in contrast to them he supports National issues and not administration thence not tainted by prevalent misconduct.
Eng Feisal Ali Warabe C says his opponents in the race for the Somaliland presidency Muse Behi L and Irro are fatigued Wondering on how politics sometimes create strange bedfellows Eng Feisal Ali accused Opposition party Wadani of being part and parcel of the current Kulmiye party administration thus negating any semblance of Opposition politics in Somaliland.
Equating the Wadani Party leader and presidential candidate Abdirahman Abdilahi Mohamed Irro to CAGA-BARUUR, Cub lion in politics Eng Feisal Ali said Irro and his Wadani should step aside for it was time for UCID to lead Somaliland.
Upon commending his presidential elections from ruling Kulmiye party opponent for galant service to the nation during the SNM struggle, the Engineer said that since it was not time for Colonels to lead Muse Behi Abdi should take a much needed rest from public life thence clear the way for an UCID party administration made up for of locally educated youths devoid of tribalism and with a vision of driving Somaliland that the global village.