Somaliland: Political Parties Demand a Nationwide Election Results Review


By: Latifa Yusuf

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Political parties and the national election commission-NEC have failed to agree on extend of local council election results review.

A meeting to discuss proposed Hargeisa election results review, between NEC and the seven political parties that contested the elections ended in disharmony on Sunday afternoon.

The meeting at NEC headquarters came a day after the election body announced its decision to recount the 230,000 votes cast in Hargeisa municipality elections in order to assuage the anger of supporters of some losing parties especially Haqsoor.

During the meeting that was intent on establishing guidelines for the review, four political parties demanded a nationwide recount while the election body remained adamant on its decision to review the Hargeisa municipality tally only.

While the two sides are to meet again tomorrow (Monday) it is not clear which side the dice shall fall considering that three parties are arrayed with NEC against a nationwide recount.

The controversial decision to review the disputed Hargeisa election results was announced on Saturday by NEC boss Isse Yusuf Mohamed ‘Hamari’ who informed that the review decision emanates from a desire to stop further bloodshed.

Immediately after the national election commission-NEC released results for the Hargeisa municipality elections on Thursday, supporters of Haqsoor party who accused the election body and the ruling Kulmiye party of vote rigging.

The demonstrations which started the at the capital citys’Ahmed Dagah district where Haqsoor derives most of its support were put down by the crack Rapid Reaction police Unit which shot to death three demonstrators and caused fatal gunshot injuries to nine people who are currently receiving treatment at the Aden Hospital