Somaliland Political Dimensions


Lets eat in somaliland

Somalilandsun-I am personally monitoring very closely with Somaliland current policy and its politicians, I will with the time prove how unfaithful Somaliland politician are by examining their characteristics in which political leaders possess for instance honesty, trustiness, and respect of the law, for example  by laws that they have reached with the communities. 

However, it is up to the voter to decide which candidate to vote into office but I would suggest for the national to consider the following points before he or she decides to vote for a candidate.

• Leaders need credibility, which comes from being truthful. …
• Communication
• Confidence
• Delegation
• Positivity and Creativity. …
• charisma
• Sense of Humor.

To this end, above mentioned are qualities or characteristics that we want from a political leader. And I suggest you to consider the above parameters to analyze a leader. 

I found out that Wadani political leader do not prove any one of the above mentioned and therefore is not eligible to be voted. There are numerous examples to support my argument regarding the subject matter. And the most recent is Cirro’s agreement with HabarCafaan(Samaroon)for the post of the candidacy of the vice president of WADANI in which he failed to conform to what have been agreedupon. 

I knew Cirro’s downfall was coming when I realized that he was supposed to oust Mr. Ahmed Mumin Seed through artificial election held in recently. He will live to regret that and it will cause his fall and I predicted something like this would happen in my mind with Cirro in the upcoming elections. 

I hope Mr. Ahmed Mumin Seed has chosen the best way to fight justice within justice. At this, he had gathered enough supporters for justice and together with them he will seek justice. And he has nothing to lose, since he is young besides gaining lessons, experience to become seasonal politicians. 

It is unfortunate that this country was ruled by beginner politicians with the exceptions of Mr. Egal and Silanyo and the rest of the politicians since they are not seasonal politicians, they  seekmedia attention; they tell plain lies; and they end up pleasing someone. These traits are the root cause of all the political problems.And as for the political parties;if a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.

Great political leaders have honesty, trust, and respect of the constitution and more. Each aspires to respect different views, analyze problems, and identify the best solutions – not based on loyalty to political party, but rather based on what is good and right and in the best interest of the nation as a whole. Kulmiye party leadership is in the town, and I warn them that they should not make too much of the people before election, and, if successful, should not make too much of themselves after it. Kulmiye party or any other party should not use the people when they want to rise, as we treat a spirited horse when we want to mount him;–for a time we pat the animal upon the neck, and speak him softly; but once in the saddle, then come the whip and spur

As for the communitieswho are busy inholdingmeetingsamong themselves to have preparedwritten articles in an agreement that will be presented before the kulmiye party Leadership. It is Ok and is not bad if the intentionis to improve the weaknesses. Conference like this; will have achievedtangible results but what about, if they are not mature enough to reach agreementamong themselves on mature issues and until now I feel that the concept of constancy, consultation, and compromise is missing in our societies. 

On the other hand, when it comes to politics the role of the educated or politicians is missing and as a result communities present elders who are nothing to do with the politics because politicians of the party in power do not allow educated to take a role in politics.

The trendsis changing now; the educated is taking a role for instances the HabarcafanSamarooncouncil consist half educated and half elders.. Political council of Habarcafantogether with the leadership should decide for the future,   but not for today and the interestshould not be no hurry, no to emotional driven decisions and is within constancy, consultationand compromise.

However, the council and the leadershipshould not accuse with each other openly but covertly may be. And we want the leadership should listen to council in a very effective manner and any idea being proposed by them must be taken failure to do so brings aboutpolitical defeat which is far worse than seen earlier.


Abdirahman Ibrahim Abdilahi