Somaliland: Jama Ali our Own Political Paratrooper


Jamal Ali Hussein is reported to have decamped UCID and joined forces with ruling Kulmiye party chief and presidential Candidate Muse Behi inset

Somalilandsun- Once touted as the very hope towards the prosperity of Somaliland within the shrinking global village, Jamal Ali Hussein has appears to have lost his compass bearing, after helping destroy UDUB party then joining UCID and the position of presidential candidate that has dissipated in thin air following dispute with party founder Eng Faisal Ali Warabe.
Now he has finally harnessed his political fortunes with its focal point of destruction, the ruling party Kulmiye and as Ahmed Khayre opinionated, the youthful international banker turned politician, This is The Political Demise Of Jamal Ali Hussein