Somaliland: Police Shoot and Seriously Injure Youth


Police Commissioner Brigadier fadal happy with continued civilain shootings by his officers

By: Guleid Abdi Maher

Somalilandsun – Hargeisa police have shot and maimed another teenager at Dhami estate in yet another unwarranted display of excessive force by trigger happy police officers.

Master Ahmed Mohammed Sahardiid was shot and injured by police who were trying to quell hooligans from two city estates were squaring amongst themselves following a football match gone sour.

According to residents of the Dami estate police were dispersing the rowdy youth who were pelting stones and sticks at each other; and as a result disturbing the peace of inhabitants. The shot teenager is now fighting for his life at Hargeisa Group Hospital where he was rushed after being hit by live bullets on the head and arm.

The police commissioner has not yet issued a statement on this latest incident. Meanwhile members of public have been alarmed by this sudden increase of police heavy handedness and brutality meted on unarmed youths

This is the fourth shooting by police within this week which comes hot in the heels of another shooting whereby an eleven old boy was shot on the torso and killed instantly at Jigjigayar estate. He was shot to death at point blank range by police from Koodhbuur Police Station, who had come to arrest his father following a land feud. In another development a teenager who had been incarcerated at Koodhbuur Police Station was shot to death by a stray bullet aimed at two prisoners fighting inside their cell. The unprofessional cop was trying to intervene to stop the fight that a police issued baton could have been appropriate to separate the duo. There has been a public outcry following the senseless spill of blood by police who respond to riot by youngsters with live bullets. These has left Somaliland Police in disrepute because in all the shootings they were not seen carrying the anti riot gears issued to them and as a consequence the public have been left wondering of their professionalism and competence in maintaining law and order.

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