Somaliland: Police Issue Official Statement on Petrol Tanker’s Accident


By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Law enforcers have detailed the causes behind the accident of petroleum ferrying tanker and its ultimate destruction by fire that cost the life of its driver & injuries of turn boy that occurred around the junction of former UNICEF headquarters in Hargeisa on Sunday.

Police Commissioner Brigadier Abdilahi Fadal Iman while briefing State owned media agencies elaborated that the ill fated tanker veered off the road when it was decelerating down steep from Hero-Awr area just before negotiating the corner to the main road at Sha’ab area.

Brig Fadal numerated the fatality as a result of the accident and its subsequent burning as killing the ill fated tanker’s driver while the turn boy is nursing injuries in hospital.

The head of police service further explained that two houses adjacent to the scene of accident were destroyed when fire engulfed it.

The comments by the Somaliland police chief was in reference to the fuel tanker that burst into flames after spewing its cargo at Sha’ab area in Hargeisa where one person died and another is nursing burn injuries at a Hospital in Hargeisa.

Fadal also appreciated the role played by the Good Samaritans that turn up in rescuing people occupying neighborhood around accident spot.

The Police Commissioner acknowledged the commendable services provided by water boozers & policemen in extinguishing the inferno before spreading further.

Whilst underscoring the urgent need for safety training to his officers in tackling such hazards in future, Fadal also condoled the family, relatives & friends of the tanker’s driver who died while at the same time wishing the turn boy a quick recovery.