Somaliland: “Khatumoism Has Failed” acknowledges Prof Galaydh


Chief Khatumoist Prof Ali Khalif Galayd on the failed Khatumo State

By: Yusuf M Hasan

BUHOODLE (Somalilandsun) – The dream of establishing a Khatumo state of Somalia is no longer tenable thence a closed chapter.

This was divulged by Prof Ali Khalif Galaydh during an address to residents of Buhodle district a day before he was evicted by the Somaliland minister of Health Dr Suleiman Isse ‘Haglotosiye.

Prof Galaydh who is the chief architect of the purported Khatumo state intended to have been hived-off parts of Somaliland’s Sool region accused Somaliland and the Somalia administrative region of Puntland for the failure of the Khatumo state realization.

In a rumbling farewell to Khatumoism speech the Somalia MP said that lack of international support coupled with constant encumbrances by Somaliland and Puntland are responsible for killing Khatumoism.

“plans to establish our own state dubbed Khatumo have failed due to lack of international support as well as constraints created by the government of somaliland and the Puntland administration in Garowe” said Galaydh

Of Puntland whose citizens he termed as blood relations since most Khatumoists are from the Darood clan that predominates there, Prof Galaydh said nothing good comes out of Garowe apart from increment in prevalent difficulties.

“While we call Puntlanders our brothers they reciprocate by never ending attacks against locals in which property and lives are destroyed” Said the prof.

The Somali MP who is a native of Somaliland but owes allegiance to the government in Mogadishu was refereeing to numerous attacks by Puntland forces the most recent having been in Taleeh district where scores were killed and thousands displaced.

Prof Galaydh who has been in Sool region of Somaliland since easter holidays for purposes of organizing Khatumo III conference further acknowledged that his mission has been made impossible by factions within Khatumoists higher echelons.

According to Galaydh the Khatumo III clan meeting originally slated for Taleeh town was shelved after some senior Khatumoists among them Indhosheel facilitated and supported the arrival of units from the Somaliland army.

Though the Indhosheel angle was never made public the Somaliland army which returned to its bases 36 hours after Taleeh entry attributed the move as a normal exercise conducted by the army in various areas of Somaliland and not the occupation purported by Puntland.

Galaydh who divulged that his Khatumo III organizers had after discarding Taleeh as a venue opted for Bo’ame were again defeated after the Somaliland army established bases in HolHol thus making the conference impossible.

Accusing Puntland of backstabbing Khatumoism while paying lip service to the creation of a Khatumo state Prof Ali Khalif Galaydh reiterated that the massacres of Somalilanders by the Garowe administration shall not be forgotten but in contrast shall remain in the hearts and minds of the people who will ultimately revenged.

Of his motherland Somaliland forsaken for belief in Unionism with Italia-Somalia the man who seats as a member in the Federal Government’s parliament in Mogadishu attested to the fact that he was part and parcel of the early 1990’s process that culminated in its, Somaliland, separation from its union with Somalia.

Said he, “though I currently owe my allegiance to the SFG in Mogadishu I participated in the national conferences of 1991 in Burao and 1993 in Borame”

During the 1991 Burao conference where all clans inhabiting the former British protectorate had elders in participation the withdrawal of Somaliland from the fateful 1960 union and reclamation of its sovereignty was the outcome.

In the Borame conference the statehood of Somaliland was crafted and civilians took over leadership from the Somaliland National Movement-SNM which had defeated the mighty army of Dictator Siad Barre.

“Since then and despite my absence the agreed upon principles of forging the Republic of somaliland and developed its people has been ongoing” said Galaydh who is reported to have been in secret talks with the Hargeisa based government as pertains to his return home and probable position in nation building.

The candid speech by the somalia MP is said by many to be a farewell one to the Khatumo state whose formation he not only architected but has acted as the power behind while others squabble over title of president.