Somaliland: Police Furnish Damning Evidence against Two Arrested Candidates, Two Others on the Run

On the run Anab Abdi Hirsi is candidate for Parliament in Both Somaliland and Somalia elections 2021

Somalilandsun: Forget the arrest of two candidates sponsred by oppostion parties of UCID and Wadani, we are also pursuing two others.

This was stated by the Somaliland police as it gave proof of reasons behind the recent arrest of now in custody of Qaasin Adan Saleban a parliamentary candidate of Sool Region from Wadani Party and Abdullahi Hirsi Hassan, a Local Councilor candidate of Berbera from UCID Party.

The public revelations of proof of criminality against the duo by police comes after the National Election Commission-NEC issued a statement warning state apparatus to be cautious as pertains the immunity granted by the constitution to candidates for the parliamentary and local councils elections slated for the 28th May this year, since the constitution grants them immunity

Stating that all bona fide candidates are granted immunity from arrest by the constitution NEC called on government agencies to abide by the law and refrain from arresting candidates approved by the commission

According to a the government owned weekly paper The Horn Tribune  police have released evidence showing the alleged crimes of some opposition parties candidates two are arrested, other two were on the run.

quote- The arrests in the beginning of this month two candidates saw opposition parties accuse of political  persecution

Police chief, Brigadier General Mohamed Aden have previously underscored that anyone who commits a crime will be arrested as no one is above the law, today released evidence of the alleged crimes behind the arrest of duo candidates and others wanted.

A statement released from the Somaliland police and posted on their official Facebook page, was written as follows:

As we are heading to the polls, there has been a lot of talk about the election and the arrest of candidates,   But here to inform public and all who needs more info regarding the matter, the information on the suspects and the charges against them.

1: Kubra Hassan Mohamud, is one of opposition party Waddani candidate for parliament in the Togdheer region of Somaliland. She recently traveled to Somalia and met with Farmajo and other officials. As proofs below:

  1. Anab Abdi Hirsi is candidate for Parliament election in Mogadishu in 2021 and also is currently candidate of Waddani party running for the Parliament seat at Sool region, thus accused committing a crime of national treason. As proofs below:

3: Abdirahman Yusuf Ali (Faro) who is also a candidate for parliament election in Marodijeh region is accused meeting with some of Somalia’s biggest politicians and the police have this evidence.

4: Qasim Adan Saleban, who is candidate of parliament elections at Waddani party, he is Somalilander, yet is the chairman of Habar Gidir  Dhusamareb in London. He recently met with Somali federal government officials and politicians in Mogadishu, here is the evidence against him Police provided

The four suspects listed above two are in custody and two are missing. The above evidence and other evidence Police will present to the courts.

The move by the police to present the allegations and evidence against the detained candidates dispels rumors that they have been detained for political reasons as opposition parties purported.