Somaliland: Police carry a crackdown of youthful gang members in Gabiley.


A.A. Jama

Gabiley: (Somalilandsun) -The police in Gabiley have carried a continuous operation of arresting members of youthful gang that created havoc & preached peace and tranquility that was enjoyed by the dwellers of the region with great ramifications.

According to the police reports in Gabiley town it is officially reported that groups of youth have created chaos that resulted to grievous bodily injuries & other assorted damages –with the injuries carried amongst themselves.

It is contended that the gang members were initially in the same group before dividing after a deal that went sour that subsequently led to police arrival at the crime scene and thereafter arresting the two gangs.

According to the reports of Abdilahi Hassan the police commander in Gabiley police station while briefing the press disclosed that they have arrested a couple of the youth who fought amongst themselves.

Mr. Abdilahi Hassan also revealed that the gangs have caused major damages to small scale traders operating within the town- both bodily and property injuries.

The police commander further revealed that once they are through with the ongoing investigation they shall publically reveal the causes of fighting.

He had earlier said that they have arrested two leaders of the gang.