Somaliland: Police Apprehend Haji Salah District Cop Killer


Interior minister Waranade

“Cop’s killer apprehended and incarcerated in police custody awaiting for prosecutions” Waran’ade confirms

Osman A.M.

Somalilandsun – The Government of Somaliland has officially announced the arrest of the killer of Haji Salah police station’s officer in-charge who is being held in custody.

Haji Salah is a small town situated in Daad Marrer region on the western side of the country.

The deceased officer the late Mr. Hurreh was brutally murdered last week during the wee hours of the night while in line of duty by armed militia that thereafter fled by crossing the Ethiopian border but the Government’s long hand finally caught the killer courtesy of a series of collaboration efforts involving various players.

The interior minister Hon. Ali Mohamed Waran’ade made the announcement at his ministry headquarters in Hargeisa assuring the public at large that the murderer has finally been arrested and is in police custody waiting for the conclusion of investigations before he is arraigned in Court for prosecutions.

The minister whose docket is considered the most powerful thanked all individuals who in a way or another offered a supporting hand to the Government machinery in apprehending the suspected murder of Haji Salah police station’s officer in-charge that took place at Lanmulaho center within the larger Daad Marrer a week ago.

Mr. Waran-Adde also spared no words of praise in the role played by Ethiopia’s semi-autonomous Somali inhabited region whose communal elders, clerics & administrators from the eastern side that borders Somaliland’s Daad Marrer region in offering the state a great assistance that ultimately culminated in the arrest of the late Mr. Hurre’s killer.

The minister was greatly satisfied with the tranquility obtained in the region whose residents shunned inciting utterances in the course of investigations by placing their hope in the Government’s efforts that finally resulted in the arrest of the murderer who was in the run. Of particular interest to the interior minister was the mature way in which the residents of both Daad Marrer & the eastern side of Ethiopian Gashamo state carried themselves during the trying moments leading to the arrest of the murder suspect coupled with when the same is viewed in light of the fact that the deceased cop & the murder suspect both hail from the two neighbor communities albeit residing in the two nations of Somaliland & Ethiopia.

The minister commended Somaliland’s police service for the good work that they did by trailing the militia group tirelessly for days & nights after the commission of the murder till apprehending the suspect.

Mr. Waran’ade also briefed the public about the successfully concluded peace building mission targeting the eastern regions of the nation in which he led a Government delegation for a fact finding mission of ascertaining the progress & challenges hindering harmonious inter-communal co-existence among warring factions that often hindered quite enjoyment of peace & order.

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