Somaliland: Late Ruqiya Laid to Rest


The body of late Ruqiya was dumped in this hole after her murder

By: Moody Boodle

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The late Ruqiya Said Ayanle who suffered a atrocious death in the hands of murderers which its shock, pain and grief was shared by the dwellers of Hargeisa and Somaliland as well was buried today.

The mourners who took part in the funeral proceedings were led by senior government officials from divers departments and the mass number of members of public buried Ruqiya in her ordained final resting place.

Members from the house of elders, the national assembly house, cabinet, the national police boss, directors general of several ministries and a moth of well wishers escorted the members of Ruqiya to the cemetery to lay her down the grave.

Meanwhile Abdirizak Said Ayanle, the brother of the late Ruqiya who previously paid a visit to the CID offices to help in the investigation that its prime suspect is the woman of the deceased was found was asked if there was a feud between her sister and the woman suspect. Said that despite the money issue that was between them there was one incident that where the money argument boiled up and my sister slapped the other woman (the suspect) whose house is where the body who is held in custody as the murder.

Thereafter the suspect in police custody told the deceased that in regard to the money she owed her she will in return give her an undeveloped land. Whereupon in the company of the deceased they went together to check its status, narrated the brother. He went on saying that his sister suggested that she accepts the terms of the agreement if only that the local government lands department approves its legality. That proved otherwise because the geometer reported it as a road.

Abdirizak Said Ayanle concluded that it evidently crystal clear that my sister succumbed to her death in the hands of the woman in police custody. Likewise all government officials have pledged that they will see justice be done for Ruqiya.

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