Somaliland Police Apprehend a Child Rapist

Somaliland Police Apprehend a Child Rapist

Somalilandsun: : Somaliland police have successfully apprehended a man accused of raping and killing a 15-year-old girl in Lughaye.

According to reliable sources confirmed to the THT, the suspect was nabbed by the police after Somaliland Police Commander Mohamed Aden Saqadhi sent team for the operation when the incident have been reported yesterday  to Lughaya area.

On the other hand, a statement posted on Facebook by the Somaliland Police today confirmed the dismissal of a police sergeant seen hitting a woman in the street,

“Hours ago, SERGEANT Mahad Abdi Osman picture was posted on social media hitting woman. We would like to assure Somaliland people police is public friend, and officer who was abused police dignity, is dismissed within hours.

Somaliland Police is a public friend.

Both of these actions demonstrate the commitment of the Somaliland Police Force and their leaders pursue advancing rule and law and society safeguarding,  and deserve our gratitude.

By Mahmud Walaleye