Somaliland: “Plans for Tarmac Road Connecting Sayla and Borame Afoot” Hirsi


An immigration official at Lowyado briefs the minister Hirsi led team

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
SAYLA (Somalilandsun) – The government is determined to the construction of a tarmacked road connecting Sayla and Borame.
This was revealed by the Somaliland presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali who is leading a ministerial level inspection tour of Selel region in the west of the country.
Minister Hirsi who is accompanied by planning and resettlement colleagues Dr Saad Ali Shire and Ahmed Abdi Kahin respectively started their inspection tour after departing Djibouti where they have been on official business by road.
Revealing that the Turkish government had promised support in the modernization of the road connecting Somaliland and Djibouti via Sayla town, the presidency minister said the government shall in partnership with residents and other well-wishers effect modernization of the road connecting Sayla to Borame and subsequently the rest of the country.
“Am certain that the concerted efforts of government and citizens plus Turkish shall make the desire of a tarmac road connecting Somaliland to Djibouti via Borame and Sayla a reality” said Minister Hirsi
According to Hirsi Haji Ali the man whose name has become synonymous with roads construction in the country the natural abundant natural resources in Selel region can only be availed elsewhere through a good road network.

The ministerial delegation which is traversing the Western regions by road from Djibouti began the inspection tour at the SL-DJ border town of Lowy’ado where they were briefed by officials of the immigration department, District police commander, district officers from various government departments.

Ministers Hirsi and Saad (C) pose with Selel regional and Sayla district officials after inspecgtion tour

After Lowy’ado the presidency minister and his delegation decamped to the historic town of Togoshi which is renowned for Salt production before proceeding to the Selel regional capital Sayla.

At meetings with Selel regional officials among them Governor Abdirizaq Waaberi Roble and mayor of Sayla Councillor Hussein Idle Barkhadle who briefed on prevalent status of their respective domains a number of issues were agreed upon mainly
• Continue enhancement of security
• Effective service provision to the public and
• Streamlining of the fishing industry among others.

Minister Hirsi who informed that president Silanyo is committed to the enhancement of livelihoods for all Somaliland communities said that the people’s commitment was likewise expected and assured.