Somaliland: Dahabshiil is an international institution-EDITORIAL


• Invoking or evoking tribal emotions won’t pay
• Our intelligence shouldn’t be abused

Somalilandsun – Dahabshiil is an international institution. It is a money transfer with banking services facilities. The populaces use it for those two main purposes.

We give the above reminder not just in consternation filled with wonder, but in effect, with the backdrop of great shock following ill-motivated, ill-mannered, tribally inclined and hate-filled words uttered in the “name of politics”, directed towards the institution!
Unashamedly before the public eyes, the populaces were treated to the wails of a supposedly affluent man from the “first world” rallying his kinsmen in the infamous cries of hawkish tribal mobilization to economically sanction the bank.
The saddest thing about the whole scenario was the fact that, amongst the audience who clapped for or raised the morale for eloquence of the tribal warrior to step up his unruly vehemence, was none other than a former minister for finance!
Some of the people who watched the TV expected Mohammed Hashi to stand up to righteousness and tell the speaker to deviate from the abyss he was plunging himself and his followers into.
But, Alas, Ina Hashi did the opposite!
Is it not shocking when our supposedly learned persons cannot differentiate between:-
1. Politics from Economics?
2. Good from bad?
3. Truth from falsity?
4. Sanity from Madness?
5. Healthiness from sickness (illness)?
6. Progressive from retrogressive?
What we felt emanating from the aura was the fact that when one’s, and only one man’s, ego is hurt, one tends to rally his/her kinsfolk, sheep and what have you hence readily, in unabated foolhardy anger, heaves them over a sharp descending hence rocky cliff.
When one does such without even thinking of the result of their actions or the repercussions thereafter one would only see the perishing of the flocks that plunged over the cliff!
Given that apart from the central Bank, which is not externally used, how can one call upon the populace to draw down the curtains to close the only viable private banking sector that is indigenously owned?
By calling the people to stop relations with the Dahabshiil facility, what does the Brutus want the people to do?
How many hundreds of thousands of Somalilander folks, within the country and abroad, use the facility?
By the way who is Dahabshiil in SL politics? Is he a civic councilor, a member of parliament, Guurti, a minister or an ambassador?
How can a whole community be used to fun and fuel tribal wars using a subject who is not, in the remotest sense whatsoever, indulging, meddling or engulfed or related to the national politics at all?
We call upon everyone, whenever and wherever they are to stop abusing our intelligence or playing with our emotions.
Somalilanders are not fools neither are they so lowly.
Let politics be politics, economics be economics and everything else be what they are.
We know what tribalism is, what clannish tendencies are and what they can do when they are evoked or invoked.
Whoever wants to DESTROY himself or herself is upon him or her.
But we can never let anyone destroy SL or us, especially through cheap tribal malicious politicking.