Somaliland: Pioneer public library to be established in Borama


Public Works Minister Ali Hassan Mohammed Ali Marehan in suit at the function in Borama

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun-The Public Works Minister Hon. Ali Hassan Mohammed who is popularly known as Ali-Marehan was in Borama in Awdal region to specifically establish the pioneering public library in the town.
The minister who was accompanied the head of the civil service Mr. Sharmarke Geele Adar met with the local leaders led by the Regional Governor Mustaffa Abdi Isse, Borama Mayor and Amoud University Chancellor Prof. Suleiman Ahmed Guleid looked around for a location to establish the institution fervently fronted by a local youth group.
The Minister advised the local leaders to hand over the land for development to the group immediately once one of the three shot-listed locations or spots is earmarked.
The RG Mustaffa-shiine said that the Adco Academy had for long been in pursuit of seeing to it that such an institution was established.
He revealed the minister’s visit to have purposely been focused on this developmental aspect.
On his part the Amoud chancellor underscored the importance of the institution and praised the president and the government for their steadfastness hence pledged total support.