Somaliland: Parliamentary Committee to Investigate Assassination Attempt on MP Qabile


MP Qabile

By: G.A Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Members of parliament are intent on unearthing the risk imposed on the life of a colleague.

This development comes after speaker of parliament Hon.Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi named a parliamentary committee to investigate the suspected assassination attempt on the life of opposition member of parliament Hon. Mohamed Farah Qabile three months ago in Hargeisa.

The committee five member committee tasked with getting into the root of the matter as pertains to the suspected attempt on the life of MP Qabile is to be chaired by Hon.Abdirahman Mohamed Jama, who is a lawyer and is made of Others Hon. Ibrahim Jama Rayte, Hon. Hamse Mohamed, and Hon. Mohamed Abdilahi.

Hon.Abdirahman made the announcement during house session where by the police act was passed after a long stint of debates amongst members in both the house of elders { senate} or Gurti and the house of assembly .

Addressing journalists at parliament building the speaker who is also the opposition National Party [Wadani] chairman urged the government to listen to members of the public and show restraint when quashing demonstrations, in an apparent reference to the recent unrest in the city environs where a cross-section of the population rioted in the streets of the city lamenting about water shortages and over taxing of water tankers that supply water to residents.

While refuting claims by some media outlets that the house is experiencing squabbling, Hon. Abdirahman asked members of the public to take care of security and peace and avoid any thing that may dent the nation image internationally. Where by earlier on Hon. Qabile pointed fingers at two prominent cabinet members as masterminds behind the assassination attempt.

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