Somaliland: Oxfam Emergency Drought Response Overview


The Oxfam emergence drought response has benefited thousands of Somaliland households

Somalilandsun-The prolonged drought in Somaliland has not only affected pastoralist families, who have lost their livestock of whose products, milk and meat they used to sell in towns and villages, it has over the years phased out trading Which is close to total collapse.
With families in their hundreds of thousands internally displaced mainly from the eastern regions of the country, the high inflation in the country has exacerbated matters not only within the locals but international humanitarian organizations that are overwhelmed by needs urgency.

But things are brightening up for those affected in the Somaliland eastern regions of Sool, Sanaag and Toghdeer courtesy of an emergency drought response program by OXFAM
Within a short period Oxfam has reached over 86,000 beneficiaries since it launched its emergency response activities in March 2017, to the unprecedented and recurrent drought in Somalia.
Since then, Oxfam and its two local partners, Havoyoco and Candlelight, have implemented Food Security and Water and Sanitation and Hygiene interventions in 34 villages and IDP camps in the Somaliland regions of Toghdeer, Sool and Sanaag.
In relation to Emergency Food Security and Vulnerable Livelihoods (EFSVL)
• 2348 households benefited from unconditional cash transfers in the month of September
• 13,000 households have received livestock vaccinations and treatment to date and
• 630 households benefited from Cash for Work activities such as rangeland rehabilitation and water pond construction
As pertains Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH)
• 1159 households reached with hygiene promotion interventions, cleaning campaigns, and more since March
• 1022 households were provided with shallow well and birkad rehabilitation in the month of September and
• 1275 households now have access to newly constructed latrines
For more details follow the link to read Oxfam Emergency Drought Response Overview